About Profian

We believe that Confidential Computing needs to be rendered accessible and convenient for everyone.

We embrace integrity, openness, security and transparency to bring cryptographic proof and verifiable trust to general computing.

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Our Values



We value honesty and clarity in our company, our products and our partnerships.



We are committed to working in the open and publishing our code as open source software.



Security is non-negotiable and the guiding principle for how we operate.



We believe in transparency, encouraging collaboration with customers, partners and the open source community.

Meet the founders

Mike Bursell, CEO

Profian and Enarx co-founder, Mike has spent 25 years in security and distributed computing and is the author of "Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud", from Wiley.  He lives near Cambridge, in the UK.

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Nathaniel McCallum, CTO

Profian and Enarx co-founder, Nathaniel has been engineering systems at scale for more than 15 years, with an emphasis on cryptography and security. Previously the Virtualization Security Architect for Red Hat, he lives near Raleigh, NC.

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