achieve compliance

Profian’s hardware-based solutions maintain your data's confidentiality and integrity in use, providing true confidential computing to meet regulatory and audit requirements.

manage risk

Deploy applications without worrying about malicious or compromised hosts accessing your application’s data or code - in the public Cloud, the Edge or on-premises.

move safely to the Cloud

Scale your services and deploy faster in the Cloud with confidence, regardless of who owns or has gained access to the host system.

For Developers

100% open source

At the core of Profian’s solution is Enarx, the leading open source framework for running applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments).

Easy deployment

Enarx provides a run-time TEE based on WebAssembly, allowing you to deploy applications without any rewrites from languages like Rust, C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Python, Haskell and many more.

Cloud native, hardware neutral

Enarx is CPU-architecture independent, letting you deploy the same application code transparently across multiple targets. It provides a single run-time and attestation framework which is hardware vendor and CSP neutral.